Lynn Forbes pens emotional note on Kairo Forbes first day of school without AKA

“I know you were there with me when I took her to school for her first day of Gr3. You stayed with her all day, until I picked her up. You were there with me doing the same on day 2 and you sat with me through the parent info session last night. It broke my heart when they spoke about the dad & daughter robotics days coming up this year. I remember you being very excited about her getting to Gr3 so you can do this with her.”

Kairo Forbes

“You will be with her again today and every day going forward and even if we can’t see you, we feel your presence all the time. She notices you in the butterflies and in the clouds when they open up and she knows that your’re with her.”

“Yesterday, she talked about your upcoming birthday and we reminisced about the cake she baked for you last year and how you almost started a fire lighting all of those 35 candles.

You are always with us and we love you so much.”

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