Photos: Zahara’s sisters ‘raid her wardrobe, take over her house’


Zahara sister
Zahara’s sisters, Lumka and Bandezwa Mkutukana, have reportedly taken residence in her Roodepoort home against the family’s wishes. 

Sources suggest that the two sisters have gone a step further, rummaging through the late musician’s wardrobe and even taking pictures in her clothes.

The 36-year-old Loliwe hitmaker, Bulelwa Mkutukana, passed away on December 11, after nearly three weeks in the intensive care unit. Despite her recent burial in East London on December 23, tensions within the family persist.

Concerns have been raised regarding the sisters’ actions, as they are said to be disrespecting cultural norms. According to a source, customary procedures, such as a ceremony to distribute the late artist’s belongings among family and friends, have not been followed. This cultural breach has led to accusations of impropriety as Lumka and Bandezwa reportedly wear Zahara’s clothes without the required rituals.

A source remarked, “Our culture says that after a person dies, we need to have a ceremony where the clothes are given out freely to family and friends. This has not been done. But they have already started wearing her clothes and parading around. Trust me, she is mad wherever she is.”

One contentious photo shows Bandezwa wearing a white dress allegedly worn by Zahara during her final performance before her passing. In response to the criticism, Bandezwa defended their actions, stating, “We were just trying them on. What is wrong with that? She is not here anymore.”

The situation has been further complicated by reported financial disputes and conflicting statements regarding Zahara’s partner, Mpho Xaba. Before Zahara’s demise, Lumka and Bandezwa faced allegations of using the late singer’s bank cards for a shopping spree. Disputes over lobolo payment and accusations against Mpho Xaba have intensified, adding to the family’s already challenging circumstances.

Adding an unexpected twist to the already tense situation, reports have surfaced claiming that Zahara’s sisters, Lumka and Bandezwa Mkutukana, encountered an unusual discovery while rifling through the late musician’s wardrobe. According to sources, amid their unauthorized exploration, the sisters allegedly stumbled upon a snake and a lizard, sending them into a panicked retreat.

In a scene reminiscent of a suspenseful drama, the unexpected encounter reportedly led Lumka and Bandezwa to hastily abandon their mission through the wardrobe, fleeing in fear. The presence of these reptiles adds a surreal element to the unfolding family drama, further complicating an already challenging period for Zahara’s grieving relatives.

As details continue to emerge surrounding the aftermath of Zahara’s passing, the narrative takes an unexpected turn with this peculiar and unsettling discovery, leaving questions about the mysterious circumstances surrounding the late artist’s possessions and the curious presence of wildlife in her wardrobe.

As Zahara’s family contends with grief, they are also grappling with internal tensions and external controversies, creating a complex situation in the wake of the beloved artist’s passing.

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