Prince Kaybee Tells Woman She Wouldn’t Last 20 Minutes in Bed With Him, SA Reacts: “Let’s Ask Cyan Boujie” Tlof Tlof

Prince Kaybee responded to a fan on social media with a spicy comeback, implying she wouldn't last 20 minutes with him This sparked mixed reactions from users, some referencing his past controversies, including a leaked video with Cyan Boujee Comments ranged from humorous to suggestive, with users engaging in playful banter about the exchange 

Prince Kaybee


Prince Kaybee claps back at female follower 

Prince Kaybee started 2024 by clapping back hard at fans. The controversial star stunned Mzansi with his spicy response to a fan. 

The Gugulethu hitmaker had an interesting exchange with a follower on his X page (formerly known as Twitter). Responding to the tweep with the handle @NolwaziMnisi8 who had seemingly suggested that suggested that she wanted to sleep with him, Kaybee said she would not last 20 minutes. He said: "You wouldn’t survive." 

SA shares hilarious reactions Prince Kaybee's post sparked mixed reactions from social media users

Many also mentioned his alleged saucy video with controversial media personality Cyan Boujee which leaked in 2023. 

Cyan Boujee’s dance video raises questions among netizens 

In more entertainment news, some entertain reported that Cyan Boujee can't seem to get it right with her performances. The media personality/ DJ recently hit the dance floor to show off her moves and even twerked a bit for the crowd, but her moves didn't land with Mzansi. Our girl Cyan Boujee can't catch a break whenever she performs. If she isn't judged for her DJing skills, her talent is compared to Skomota's.

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