Sangoma Sends Warning to Shebeshxt in TikTok Video Following Rapper’s Hitman Incident: “Be Careful”


A sangoma recently issued a warning to Shebeshxt in a TikTok clip, claiming that his life is in danger This comes after the rapper revealed that he had hitmen out to get him Netizens weighed in on the video, where some were sceptical of the sangoma's message while others were worried for Shebe.


Shebeshxt appears to be in some life-threatening danger, and a sangoma confirmed the suspicion. A traditional healer posted a TikTok video narrating a vision that detailed how people in the entertainment industry were allegedly out to get Shebe and received varied reactions from the controversial rapper's supporters. 

In light of Shebeshxt's revelation about having hitmen sent for him, a video from a sangoma has surfaced where he narrated how the Limpopo rapper's life was in danger. 

In a viral TikTok video, mkhuluqheba spoke about a vision he had where he was at an establishment in the Vaal where Shebeshxt was expected to perform. Mkhulu detailed several aspects of his vision, where he was shown that the rapper would be handed poisoned food and alcohol by a waitress, who would later claim that the rapper sexually assaulted her. He went on to offer advice to Shebe while warning him that people in the industry are out to get him: 

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