Steve Harvey caught his wife cheating on him

A mostly motivator Steve Harvey caught his wife cheating on him with body guard and private chef and she demanded for half his networth upon divorce.

Steve Harvey


This man wrote a book on how to master relationships and his relationship mastered him.

This man has always praised and bragged with his wife on Tv shows and social media pages now she has publicly shamed him.

Steve Harvey

This man would never have found himself in this position if he had applied Hakimi’s wisdom.

Imagine being ordered to give a w||man half your wealth after you caught her cheating on you with two men.


NEVER make your wife sole signatory to your wealth and never sign any contracts that gives her access to claim a share of your wealth upon divorce. 

Steve Harvey


The only thing you owe a w||man is child support and anything you can spare out of the kindness of your heart. 


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