TWO: upcoming artists fight to death last two weeks Mafasa for life and Strong Man


Mafasa for life vs strong man

A boxing match coming a long from Mafasa and Strong Man

Strong man is an South African upcoming artist and actress that's was born on 25th April 1989 at Middelburg Mpumalanga south African: he's real names is Shadrack Sibambo: since he didn't provide us fool information we gonna jump into story,

We have  reached Strong man whatsapp today in the morning ask about Mafasa for life's argument. He said: Mafasa for life is the heard start of all those argument, Mafasa for life during December 2023 performed Strong Man song's in Limpopo and tell his friends that he have many unreleased songs can change his life, 

Listen to Strong Man emotional voice note bellow 

Voice note:
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Clement best commentator offered Mafasa for life and Strong Man a boxing match, that's on 26th JANUARY 2024 check what he said on his post 


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