Vusi Nova escapes a horrific car accident

Renowned musician Vusi Nova, also known as Vusumzi Nongxa, narrowly escaped a tragic fate over the weekend after a serious accident involving his bodyguards.

Vusi nova car accident


The incident occurred shortly after celebrating Somizi’s 50th birthday in Sun City, turning what should have been a joyous occasion into a harrowing experience for the artist.

Vusi Nova car accident

In a heartfelt video shared on Instagram, Vusi Nova reflected on the unexpected turn of events and the profound impact it had on him. He recounted leaving his friends in Sun City, not anticipating that it could be the last time he would see them. The accident occurred as he was en route to another performance in Vaal.

Vusi Nova car accident


Opening up about the gravity of the situation, Vusi Nova urged his followers to cherish their loved ones and to live life with authenticity and love. He emphasized the importance of expressing one’s feelings openly, as life is unpredictable and precious.

Vusi Nova car accident

“Life is too short, so the people that you say you love, don’t take them for granted, okay. Whatever second or minute you spend with them, make sure they know exactly how you feel about them. Be vocal about your feelings because you do not know what will happen in a second now,” shared Vusi Nova.

The artist revealed that the accident was “serious” and that he was accompanied by his bodyguards at the time. Expressing gratitude, he conveyed that, by the grace of God, he and his bodyguards emerged unharmed. Vusi Nova emphasized the need to appreciate life, urging everyone to love and live fully, recognizing the uncertainty of what tomorrow holds.


While the musician refrained from preaching, he acknowledged the realism of his message, especially given the recent incident. In closing, Vusi Nova implored his audience to stay safe and to embrace a mindset of love and living in the present moment.

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