"You cannot expect my help as an upcoming artist." P-Square

"Sometimes when artist walk up to me and be like I need help, I need sponsorship or whatever! 

Then when I look at the person, I'll notice that the person has a phone, the person is well dressed, the person has expensive jewelry. I will just tell the person guy you don't still need me. If you actually believe in what you're telling me, 

you'll sell everything you have and invest in your art and the you'll come begging for help nakéd. 

It's all about passion, I don't think any artist that has passion in what he or she is doing should be seeking for help. 

You need to seek for help when you've got absolutely nothing to sell cuz it's all about sacrifice. 

When P-Square started up, they sold everything they had just to make a good name and that's the passion in music. 

They didn't sell it like I'll make money and buy a bigger Benz, No but they just wanted to be heard. When somebody walks up to me wearing expensive clothing, jewelries and using expensive phones, I just know it's somebody who doesn't wanna work but just wants money to flex. Being a music these days is cheap. 

During our days when we started music whereby we were dealing with the analogue and not digital, you had to sing from a whole song at once and if you made a mistake, you'll start all over because there was no means of editing. 

But today, you can even use a phone and record a song. Everything has to do with sacrifice because if you really believe in yourself, you'll give it all you've got. Most importantly, when you start music, forget about gîrls cuz they won't help you. Even if you start music and it isn't paying, don't give up cuz the money will come. The drive to succeed in music is the passion, show people what you can do and if it's good, then they'll pay to watch you do it." P-Square

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