Mpho Xaba Finally Breaks His Silence


"I was robbed of the opportunity to pay tribute to a person I loved dearlyđź’”"- Mpho Xaba Finally Breaks His Silence

Mpho Xaba has finally broken her silence after being excluded from the late Bulelwa Mkutukana, known by her stage name Zahara's funeral

Xaba says he provided unwavering support to Zahara during her time in the hospital, even going so far as to use his own medical aid to ensure she received the necessary medical attention. However, despite his significant contribution to her recovery, Xaba claims that Zahara's family has neglected to acknowledge his efforts and instead excluded him from their discussions and plans.

According to him, he claims to have made a payment towards lobola, however, he acknowledges that it was complete and says there was no formal contract involved in the process. However, Zahara's family argues that Mpho cannot be considered their brother-in-law since he did not pay the full lobola payment as per tradition.

In addition, he also responds to an interview conducted by Zahara's sisters before her funeral took place.

Watch the interview here: 

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