Shebeshxt: i dont have house, just rented, i don't have car, just rented

Shebeshxt said today in posted this sad new about him and his music career šŸ˜¢ he said he don't have a car, he don't have a house it's rented house and this year his leaving Music because he's not even registered with samro


This the post that  was posted today in the morning 

Shebeshxt said, All The Money I Was Talking About Ne Keno Bolela 4 Entertainment All The Cars Are Not Mine The House Um Residing In KeRented House All The Songs U’ll Thought Ke Txaka,Ase Txaka…I Don’t Have Even 1 Song/File


Ke Phela Ka Di Gig Le Txe Dingwe Txaka Apart From Music I Never Did A 1Man Show/Event Bophelong Baka…Di Diriwa Ka Leina Laka Ake Owni Nix


I Never Signed Anything With Anyone…Even Lamborghini I Never Registered With SAMRO,Meaning Ke Artist Ka Molomo, you Will Never Ever Hear Any Song/Feature Kele Gona Meaning Um Done Ka Music

This Year Ke Last Year Yaka Ya Di Performance Trully Speaking Since Ke Dira Music,Um Always Hurt Spiritually & Emotionally,Depressed & Suicidal It Brought Me Too Much Sadness Than Happiness

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There U Have It…Nothing But The Truth

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