The lawyers contacted Monada on Monday: king Monada is in big trouble


As a result, Mashabela, unleashed his lawyers, Thobejane Incorporate, to sue Monada for damages and failure to honour a contractual obligation.The lawyers contacted Monada on Monday to demand the repayment of the R35 000 appearance fee paid to him.

They also wanted him to pay Lila’s legal costs and the reputational damage the organisation suffered as a result of his failure to show up at the jamboree. After smelling a rat, Monada sold Makwela down the river.

He told the lawyers he knew nothing about the gig, saying Makwela had to take full responsibility for the faux pas. Speaking to Sunday World, Harry Thobejane of Thobejane Incorporate confirmed that Monada threw Makwela to the wolves.

“What happened was that Monada was paid R35 000 by Lila to perform at the event last year. But he failed to pitch up. So Makwela wrote a letter to my clients stating Monada would perform at this year’s event and they agreed,” he said.

He said after the agreement, Lila distributed posters and even announced on various radio stations that the Skabhora Moreki hitmaker would be part of the line-up of artists to strut their stuff at the do.But to their chagrin, Monada did not pitch up again.

He did not furnish the organisers with a reason for marooning them at the 11th hour. So, on Monday I contacted Makwela because I wanted to send him a letter of demand, but he told me that he was not feeling well. He told me that I should direct all the correspondences to the artist himself,” he said.

Thobejane said when he contacted the music mega star, he told him he knew nothing about the show and that Makwela should carry the cross for the blunder

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