BREAKING! 1 of 4 men who gang raped a 12-year-old girl in Tongaat have been arrested. The girl dropped out of school after fellow learners mocked her for being raped.

One of four men who gang raped a 12 year old female was arrested in Tongaat - KZN by members of Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) this afternoon (Tuesday 12/03/2024). 

The teenager and her mother arrived at RUSA HQ this morning requesting assistance after they received information that one of the men who gang raped her daughter in December 2023 is employed in Tongaat - KZN. 

The woman further explained that on the day of the incident, her child was playing with a friend near their home situated in the north of Durban - KZN. The exact location withheld to protect the identity of the child. Four men offered both girls cooldrink. The girls accepted the offer but were unaware that the beverage contained a narcotic which resulted in them becoming incapacitated. One of the girls managed to flee. 

The 12 year old was dragged into a room where four men took turns raping her. One of the suspects thereafter proceeded to a tavern in the area and informed other males that they could proceed to the room and rape the female as well. Members of the community proceeded to the room but were unable to locate the girl. The bed was covered in blood. 

Residents conducted a brief search and located the minor in a bush. It is alleged that she was dumped after being raped by one pf the suspects. A criminal case was registered a few days later but the suspects who are known to the family have since been evasive. The minor returned to school after the holidays but was ridiculed by other learners who heard of the incident. She thereafter abandoned her studies.  

The victim’s mother decided to seek assistance from RUSA after she was informed that one of the men is employed in an industrial area in Tongaat - KZN. Her informer was unable to confirm his exact location. Reaction Officers made telephonic contact with the Investigating Officer based at the Family Violence, Child Protection & Sexual Offences Unit (FCS) at SAPS Phoenix. He confirmed that the suspect had been evading Law Enforcement since January 2024 and should be arrested if spotted. 

Reaction Officers conducted further investigation and located the suspect’s place of employment. RUSA Members approached the male and arrested him. He was detained at SAPS Verulam.   

A search for the remaining three suspects is underway.

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