Father shot and injured son in law in Lakefield. Police came, son in law snitched about more unlicensed guns father in law has at his place.

On Satuday, 02 March 2024, Police in Benoni have seized several unlicensed firearms and arrested a 42-year-old man for shooting his son-in-law at Lakefield. 

It is reported that, a couple had an argument and the wife called for her father, who came and threaten the son-in-law with a firearm. There was allegedly a struggle between the two and a gunshot went off injuring the son-in-law.

Upon further investigation by the police, it was established that the suspect has several unlicensed firearms and ammunition at his residential place in Dalpark. All the firearms and ammunition were seized and the suspect was arrested.

He is expected to appear before Benoni Magistrates' Court on a charge of attempted murder, possession of unlicensed firearms and ammunition.

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