Maglera Doe Boy denies dating Cyan Boujee

Maglera Doe Boy has come clean regarding rumours of him being romantically involved with the controversial influencer Cyan Boujee.

Social media has been buzzing recently after Cyan Boujee made headlines when she posted some saucy content of herself and her unknown boyfriend, which netizens online believed was the 018 hitmaker Maglera Doe Boy. 

The young star denied and slammed the rumours on his Twitter page, mentioning that it wasn't him in the pictures and that he isn't dating Cyan Boujee, whose real name is Honour Zuma. 

"Okay it was funny but before it gets out of hand.That is not me in the image with Cyan. I don’t have Jewelry with diamonds. Crazier niggas think I can afford diamonds like that. I own a Polo and I buy Carvelas ka month end."

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