Nasty C is better than me. I only dîssed him because I wanted to be out there too." A-Reece

"I loved Nasty C's music at the time just like I like it now. 

But I'm trying to be out there too and I thought it was healthy competition so I just decided to dîss him. 

I became obsessed with beatîng Nasty C though I screwed it all up cuz Nasty C was better than me. Then everybody was like I sounded like Nasty C, I was mâd because it was like I didn't have my own sound. 

But then fast-forward, Nasty C and I had a show in London, same plane, same flight, and when we landed he walked up to me and said "Yo, don't let me highlîght you". 

And I'll forever respect Nasty C for that." A-Reece

We have said this and we'll still say it again, Nasty C is the best African rapper and he is still in the same conversation with other African rappers when talking hip hop cuz he's African...I'm not taking side its what Areece said.

If you know that video heart this❤️

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