Nigerian singer Burna Boy finds a wife on his tour in the USA 😍

A French lady traveled from France to the USA just to see Burna Boy on his tour. Despite having school starting on Tuesday, her love for Burna Boy led her to take a 4-day trip. She made a sign and held it in the crowd while Burna Boy was performing.

Burna Boy 

When Burna Boy saw her, he went straight to her, took the sign, and performed the song she had written on it (a song released over 4 years ago). After the show, Burna Boy linked up with her, thanking her for always listening to his music.

Nigerian fans have not been happy with Burna Boy for merely going to see the lady, hugging her and taking her out for a date. They have asked Burna Boy to do the right thing by marrying her before returning to the country πŸ˜….

Congratulations to Burna Boy in advance! πŸ‘πŸΏπŸŽ‰

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