Skomota spotted asking for food at a wedding

Skomota, the sudden sensation captivating the attention of cameras wherever he goes, recently found himself in the spotlight once again at Moruti Gucci’s wedding. A video capturing moments from the event has been circulating on TikTok, adding to Skomota’s burgeoning fame.

In the footage, Skomota is spotted in a line, politely but assertively requesting additional steak from the caterers. Dissatisfied with the portion on his plate, he quietly voices his discontent. The incident, though seemingly mundane, quickly became a talking point among South Africans, with many expressing their views on social media.

The TikTok clip, gaining an impressive 1.4 million views within just a day, underscores Skomota’s undeniable influence and popularity. Thousands of viewers reacted to the video, with a significant portion opining that Skomota deserved better treatment considering his status as an internet sensation.

Among the reactions, one user, @edithmothapo418, questioned why Skomota wasn’t given a VIP table, expressing concern over the exposure of the celebrity. Meanwhile, @CURLY_NAM suggested that Skomota might not even realize the extent of his celebrity status. Conversely, @Kamogelosekgala0 commended Skomota for his authenticity, praising him for not conforming to typical celebrity behavior.

Amidst the varied opinions, @taroksmoroke humorously commented on the irony of a millionaire seemingly haggling over meat, highlighting the absurdity of the situation.

The incident at Moruti Gucci’s wedding serves as yet another example of how Skomota’s everyday actions continue to captivate audiences and spark discussions across various platforms.

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