Dj Maphorisa vs Prince Kaybee Since 2020 the saga continues

By: Motsieng Mooketsi 

South Africa - The entertainment industry is a very volatile industry, more so when you have multitalented individuals who have pioneered genres and sounds.

Ego, Fragility, and Feirce Competition become character, and at best a tweet or post can spark a rift, which can last long or longer, as is the case with Pioneers, Djs, Producers and Composers Maphorisa and Prince Kaybee who have been at each other's throats for the longest of times.

The two have been at it with Streams, Cars, Beats, who pioneered what, and whenever the opportunity arises the two leaders of South Africa's dance scene throw shade at each other, on February Dj Maphorisa came under fire over a tweet that said "When you record music on my computer, my studio, with my electricity. That sh*t is mine. It belongs to me, he said.

Previously Maphorisa was accused of underworking in studio and taking all credit over the original producers work, the Rapper, Songwriter and Producer said by using his resources that permitts him to be listed as a producer on any song produced in his studio, Businessman and Radio Presenter Dj Sbu supported this statement.

A tweet followed, by Prince Kaybee who responded and said that making music was a collaborative effort and providing artists with food or lights should not equate to him owning the work.

Ngwana Mani went ahead and took a jab at Prince Kaybee citing Jealousy, Evilness and Irrelevance in the industry with the inability to acclimitize with the forever changing times of music, he then called Prince Kaybee a Pornstar.

In retaliation, Prince called Phori an Abuser referencing the Thuli Phongolo abuse case against boyfriend Maphorisa.

Yesterday the beef resurfaced again after a tweet by Chris Excel 102 who has tweeted countless times about Phori cheating his artists. Podcasters Sol-Phenduka and MacG have shared the same sentiments too.

Prince Kaybee shared the tweet and said! "Bari eo e reka motlakase fela…, I wonder ba etsa jwang ka loadshedding?

Meanwhile twitter investigators suggests there is beef between Maphorisa and his ally Kabza De Small, the rumours began when people started noticing the absence of both Djs at each other's gigs.

Chris Excel 102 tweeted yesterday "It’s been a month now and we haven’t seen Maphorisa hanging out with Kabza, and y’all are still don’t believe that there’s no beef?

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