On 23 December 2023, multitudes of people in Rustenberg turned up in their numbers to see their favourite Limpopo Lekompo star Shebe. But to their dismay, Shebe was no show.

Promoter Katlego Lemao says he was left to explain himself to his disappointed customers who started questioning his reliability as a promoter. 

"So, when he failed to come on the 23rd, he said we should change the date to the 31st of December for him to make it. We reluctantly obliged. Advertised again and lightning struck for the second time in the same place. We were at pains to explain ourselves to the crowds for another disappointment involving same artist. We were beyond embarrassed," says the distraught promoter 

As if that was not enough, Shebe's wife and manager Kholo promised to refund the promoter. But when the time to pay arrived, the promoter says she started feeding him stories after stories. 

To this day, says the promoter, the R40 000.00 performance fee is yet to be refunded for services not rendered. 

This publication called Kholo several times prior publishing this article and left WhatsApp messages that were not answered at the time of publishing. Should Kholo respond with a comment, this article will be updated accordingly. 

This is case no 5 we have reported on about Shebe missing paid gigs. 

Columbia outlet paid him R45k, Mmamethlake Carnival All Black paid him R40k. Easter All White paid him R35k. Ejays Lounge paid R40k. 

All in all, Shebe is owing promoters a collective R200 000.00 so far. 

We have received 3 more complaints from Promoters alleging that Shebe is owing them refunds for failing to attend gigs. These further cases will be published upon verification of evidence supplied. 

The promoters are weighing up their options on how to move forward to get their monies back from Shebe and his manager Kholo. 

Our inbox remains open to new promoters who may have also fallen victim to Shebe's apparent pattern of not attending gigs, even after he has been paid in full, judging by evidence at our disposal.

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