BREAKING: Kenyan Mountaineer Cheruiyot Kirui Missing on Mount Everest

Cheruiyot Kirui, a renowned Kenyan mountaineer, has been reported missing above 8,000 meters on Mount Everest since Wednesday morning. Kirui embarked on a daring quest to summit the world's highest peak without supplemental oxygen, adding to his impressive list of achievements in the world of mountaineering and ultra-running.

But who is Cheruiyot Kirui and what are his past outstanding accomplishments?


- Summited Mt. Manaslu (8,163m) without supplemental oxygen in September 2023, becoming the first African to achieve this feat on a peak above 8,000 meters.

- Multiple speed climbs of Mt. Kilimanjaro (5,895m), including completing the ascent and descent in just 15 hours.

- Over 20 ascents of Mt. Kenya, setting course records on the three main routes, including a remarkable time of 2 hours and 56 minutes on the Sirimon route from Old Moses to Lenana Summit.

- Expedition-style climb of Rwenzonri (Mt. Stanley 5,109m) over six days.

- Traversed the Aberdare ranges, completing several routes including a self-supported South-North traverse.

Ultra Marathons:

- Second position in the Ultra Trail Chiang Mai, Thailand (160km, 6,100m elevation) in August 2022.

- Participated in the Cappadocia Ultra Trail, Turkey (121km, 3,600m elevation) in October 2021.

- Completed the Tor Des Geants (Tour of the Giants) in the Italian Alps (356km, 27,000m elevation) in September 2019, chronicled in his book "ULTRAMARATHON: THE STORY OF TOR DES GÉANTS".

- Completed the No Business 100 in the USA (166km, 3,900m elevation) in 2018.

- Participated in the Beskidy Ultra Trail, Poland (96km, 4,900m elevation) in September 2017.

The search for him continues on Mount Everest, with his remarkable achievements serving as a living proof to his courage and determination in the face of extreme challenges.

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