This is my sister & his boyfriend. I'm currently crying while typing this. Pls read my story & tell me what w,r0ng i ever committed to deserve this from this (2) two

This is my sister & his boyfriend. I'm currently crying while typing this. Pls read my story & tell me what wrong i ever committed to deserve this from this 2

7yrs ago, before i traveled, this man you see here, had impregnated my sister & fled, after asking her to do away with it & she refused, we never saw him again. We are orphans & she's my only sister, then i was managing a small retail shop. I withdrew, half of my savings, just to make sure that my sister gives birth. Bought everything needed & made sure that, she had all that was required for s successful delivery in which she later gave birth to a baby girl. Still this man never showed up, no one knew were he was. 

For over 2yrs, I was taking care of both my sister & her baby with the very little i was making from my business. Then, I met an old friend on social whom, encouraged & advised that, i come over to Dubai coz he claimed, there were some new job opportunities that i could take. So, i decided to take a loan, sold some of my properties & added to my last savings & used the money to traveled. But before i left, i handed over my house & my shop to my sister, so she could start up with in the mean time that I'll be away in order for her to survive with her baby while she waits for me to get a job over there & start supporting her ..

Knowing that, i had no one to support me except my self, i did all sort of odd jobs in Dubai. I put in my very best & worked like a s_lve, the living condition was t_errible, eating just once per day to meet up with bills etc. But I still didn't mine, as long as i was getting paid, saving enough & investing back home. I knew, the str3ss will soon be over. All that time i was sending all my savings, allowances & salary to my sister to invest, build & set up a house for me back home,

My sister is the only family that i have & the only person i could trust back home. So, I made sure that i always gave her every dime that i had except little change i could use to settle bills & get some basic needs. We use to chat on phone & make video calls, when she started the projects she was updating me & sending me pictures how it was going & I was very excited & kept on working even harder, sending more money so that she could quickly finish up with the projects on time 

6yrs gone, by this time i believed, everything was done coz, she showed me pictures & everything was intact. So, i decided it was time for me to go back home. But she complained, saying she needed some more money, so she could finish settling some people she was owing & some bills & stuffs, the amount needed was much. I had no choice than hold on & work again for another year to meet up with the amount that was needed to set up everything, A year gone, I decided to surprise her & didn't tell anyone that i was coming

Can you believe that to my greatest surprise i came down here & met my sister pregnant for the 3rd child & living with thesame guy that abandoned her with pregnancy & fleed. Every dime i was sending has been going into this man's account, thesame man has used my money to build a big house & set up a very big electronic shop for himself & there's absolutely nothing left for me. What a,noys me most, is that, my sister isn't saying anything about this but instead insisting & denying that, i ever send her money for any project at all! So, all these years, i was working in vain, for another man.

Pls, tell me, where do i start from here, i was coming back hoping to settle, marry & start a new life & a family. My situation right now is even worse than it was before i traveled. No wife, No kid. I'm 46yrs old how do i start back afresh...

Nadia, I'm your elder brother, the only blood brother that you have left in this world, what did i ever do to you to deserve this. I've always loved & treated you nicely even when Papa & Mama left us, i took care of you, but now you've decided abl_bandon me & side with your boyfriend. How could you btray your own blood brother like this !

I'm writing this with tears dripping down my chicks. Thank you very much, let God be the judge

I'm going through dpr3ssion coz of you, my own blood sisteršŸ˜­šŸ’”"

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